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Custom Songs 4U was created by multi-platinum songwriter Harold Payne who has over 100 recordings by acts as diverse as Patti LaBelle, Rod Stewart, Bobby Womack, Taj Mahal, The Temptations, Peter Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio, Snoop Dogg and many more. For twenty years, he has also specialized in creating custom songs and improvised “on the spot” writing for special occasions. Every custom song memorializes your special occasion for the one being honored and their attendees.

We can write, record and make available on CD, a custom song for any person or special occasion. Our “featured performances,” which include a live version of the custom song and additional material if desired, are a crowning moment for any event.

Harold Payne

"Normally my role at these events is not only to entertain, but to create a crowning moment, if you will, which brings together, in one or more songs, the essence of the gathering, meeting or conference. This usually includes custom material prepared in advance and/or songs created "on the spot" from talks or events directly preceding the performance.      Harold Payne


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