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  1. Shelley & Matt – A wedding reception song for 2 Southern CPAs from different firms.
  2. Ella (voice & guitar) A baby shower song created for a new soul named after a cherished old one.
  3. G TOWN GIRL – A 50th Birthday song from a loving husband for his Motown-loving Gardena, CA  (G Town) girl.
  4. Enrique (live) – Latin flavored 80th birthday song for a beloved father & husband, commissioned by an old co-worker who scored big points for this.
  5. CLASS OF '71 – A 30 year reunion song for a high school graduating class of '71.
  6. Roast & Toast Song (live) – live performance for graduate of Young Presidents Organization.
  7. SHARE THE DREAM – A theme song commissioned by Arnold Schwarzenegger to inspire the young people in his Inner City Games organization.
  8. Quiet Heroes – A tribute to Japanese American war Veterans (especially the decorated 442nd) for the 50th anniversary event.
  9. Christmas At the Isthmus  – a dare to write a humorous song for a “Christmas In July" event hosted by Paul Williams for the National Academy of Songwriters.
  10. Baker’s BayPromotional song for new high end Bahamian Resort.
  11. Welcome Everybody (live) – Greeting song for guests at large event at Hotel Bel Air.
  12. Gardena High – theme song commissioned by this school for their 100th anniversary celebration. Also used for graduation, homecoming & at the start of each school day.



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